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What is your Sphere of Influence?

     How can I help you    How can you help me    How do we help each other. 

Looking for Inspiration Around Every Turn

instead of the worst possible outcome

Glass Buildings

What is your       Sphere of     influence?

                How can                    we all contribute        to ensuring a better                 future for all

 Generational healing

Let us understand why we do  what we do.  Lets heal our past  so we can give the future
a chance .

Support group

        Under our skin
     we are all the same

 A sustainable eco-nomic generator of Wellness and integration of self and community.
Learning about ourselves and others. Together brainstorming ways to go forward in an ever changing world while taking care of ourselves  our community and the earth.
A future project Co creating in partnership with Buisnesses, Federal-Provincial-Government-Family-Folk-Clan-lineage-kinsman-kinswoman-dynasty-Group or Individual,etc.

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